Ios – a personal love affair

The Greek islands have held so many people in their thrall over the ages. Many Ios Greece have roamed their shores and written about their beauty and the special light of the skies and the colours of the sea. 

I grew up In London, and because my parents were Greek, we visited Greece a lot as a family and made many trips around numerous islands. Later I travelled farer afield, but I felt myself constantly drawn back to Greece and her islands. Deciding that the Cycladic group of islands appealed to me most, I island-hopped extensively, discovering many beautiful places, until I came upon Ios. Here, I had found my dream island and the source of my inspiration, so I decided to stay.

What is so special about Ios Greece? When I first arrived in the early 1970s, I was looking for sun, sea and fun (much like people are nowadays). These I found in abundance.. Along the road, I discovered stunningly beautiful landscapes, a graphic traditional village, stupendous beaches and a sense of timelessness. Yes, Ios has changed over the years, but somehow it has remained basically the same. The old traditions of the locals are  entwined with modern technologies and the influx of visitors  only really  changes the rhythm of the island during the few summer months.

Article by Lambi Lentakis

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