Here Comes the Midsummer Sun!

The days are getting longer and midsummer is nearly here, so what could be better than taking a holiday in Sweden at this time of year? 2021 Midsummer in Ios Greece of course!swedish midsummer ios island

The Swedish Midsummer Party in Ios Greece gets hotter and sunnier each year. The blue and yellow parade starts in the main village in Ios Chora just after noon, and makes its way along the main road down towards the beautiful beach of Mylopotas. It is an amazing sight for everyone to take part in. For this day only, you can be an adopted Scandinavian on the condition that you paint your face or wear the beloved blue and yellow. 

Sing and chant your way all the way from the village down to the main beach. The parade picks up more and more people along the way, so by the time you reach the beach, Midsummer madness is ready to invade Far-Out Beach Club for more celebrations!

So come and enjoy great food, buzzing nightlife, and amazing beaches, all of which can be fitted into your holiday on the beautiful Greek Island of Ios.

If you can’t be in Scandinavia for Midsummer, be in Ios Greece!

If you have any images of your midsummer experience that you would like to share please send them to [email protected]

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