Odysseas Elytis

Odysseas Elytis is an open-air amphitheatre which holds more than 1000 people. It is located just behind the windmills at the top of the village of Chora and by accessed by car or on foot. Just follow the street that heads up towards the windmills and there are signs pointing you to the theatre.

It is a bit of a steep climb if you are walking, but it is well worth the effort for the spectacular views of Mylopotas Beach, Santorini and the Aegean Sea.

Odysseas Elytis amphitheatre is one of the best places to visit in Ios. There are numerous concerts and performances held here every summer, particularly for the major cultural event of Homeria.

The amphitheatre was designed by the architect Peter Haupt, and was inaugurated in 1997. It is built from local stones and marble, and was named after the Nobel prizewinning Greek poet Odysseas.

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