Irish Day in Ios Greece

Irish day in Ios Greece is an annual event that happens on the 17th of July every year.

The day usually starts in one of the best nightclubs in Ios at Sweet Irish Dream.

After an hour or so of shenanigans like dancing on tables, the bar and the dance floor, it’s time to start the Irish Day Ios parade.

Large crowds start to gather waving the green, white and gold outside Sweet Irish Dream as they begin to march from the Ios village Chora to the Far-Out Beach Club at the end of Mylopotas beach.

If you missed out on St. Patrick’s Day in March, this is a great chance to catch-up and enjoy all the Irish fun in the sun!

Singing and chanting songs from the Italia 90 world cup “Ole, Ole Ole Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole Ole Ole, Ole, Ole”

and “Low lie the Fields of Athenry”.


It is a strange site to see if you are lying on the beach and look up and see a few hundred people dressed or painted in green and Irish flags waving in the air, singing along the main road of Mylopotas beach.

The Party reaches the beach resort of Far Out where the green beer starts to flow and the Craic is great to be sure.


If you have any images of Irish day you would like to share please send them to [email protected]


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