Ios Greece Restaurants

Ios Greece has a great selection of restaurants that cater for all tastes – from local Greek cuisine to more international menus, and from fine dining to relaxed holiday fare.When the idea of kicking back and relaxing over a large glass of wine is the only thing that is pressing on your mind, Ios is the perfect place to be! Some of Ios Greece restaurants could be described as just world class…

If you want to sample the local cuisine, try traditional dishes like moussaka, pastitsio, oven baked lamb or souvlaki. There’s also amazing fresh seafood in Ios such as stuffed or grilled squid, octopus and a range of fresh fish.

If you’re looking for something more international, Ios Island also offers also a wide variety of Italian, Mexican, or Thai restaurants.

Opt for a souvlaki or gyros or grab a sandwich in one of the snack bars if you’re just looking for a quick bite to eat.


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