Working in Ios

Working in Ios Greece is one of the best ways to prolong your stay in paradise, get to know the best places to eat and drink, and discover the best beaches & bars in Ios Island Greece.

The workers in Ios are a very international crew – Aussies, Norwegians, Irish, Swedish, Americans, Canadians, Italians, and loads more. A lot of workers return for many seasons as it is such a great place to work, so you will meet some life-long friends along the way.

If you love the nightlife, then Ios Island is the right place for you. Most workers chill out during the day on the beach in Ios and then work at night with the occasional night off.


When is the best time to find a job in Ios?

Getting to Ios earlier in the season is the best time to find a job – usually around end of May or start of June. Spend some time checking out some bars / restaurants out first, get to know a few people and then make up your mind about where you’d prefer to work in Ios. Just ask around.

Can I find a job on the internet before I go to Ios?

Very few jobs in Ios will be advertised online unless they are for very specific skills e.g. chefs, diving. It’s best to arrive on the island early, be friendly and ask around.

Do I need to be able to speak Greek?

No, it is not normally necessary to speak Greek. Most of the businesses on the island speak English too.

What types of jobs are there in Ios Greece?

Sample jobs in Ios Greece are:

– bartenders in bars and clubs

– beach bar work

– waiters/waitresses

– hotel pool bar work

– glass collectors

– “kamaki” – or PR work

– watersports staff

– diving staff and interns

– shop workers in a jewellery or clothes store

– babysitters

In Ios Greece you will find most business owners will employ females and males at an even ratio. Like any bar, if you have the looks and are an outgoing, chatty person, you should find it relatively easy to get a job.


How much will I get paid to work in Ios Greece?

The average wage depends on where you work and can range from €25 to €50 a night. Some places offer free meals, accommodation or other benefits too.

Workers’ accommodation in Ios Greece

Most workers pay anything from 15 to 25 Euros a night rent depending on how many people are in a room. For 2 people, a small room with a shower will be about 20 Euros a night each, and most workers pay weekly. Make sure you have agreed to rent the place for a couple of months as you might end up being asked to leave in high season as the landlords can rent the rooms at a higher price.

Ios Accommodation

We would definitely recommend booking a hotel room in Ios for your first few nights as finding a longer-term room is always easier when you have a base to start from. Book your accommodation with our Ios hotel booking engine below.

We hope this helps and if you need any more information about working in Ios Greece.

Good luck with your job search and be prepared to have the best summer of your life!
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