Micki Findlay’s Ios Greece Images

Canadian photographer Micki Findlay is a creative, freestyle ‘photo-artist’ who has a passion for travel and the arts. Micki has won several awards for her photography and sells it locally as well as on her site at www.thesingingphotographer.com

“My friends and I ‘stumbled’ onto Ios Greece completely by mistake. We were actually headed for the island of Santorini. Here in British Columbia, as soon as a ferry docks, you disembark. So that’s what we did. However, after a few hours, we discovered that we had gotten off on the wrong island… one we had never heard of called ‘Ios’! Boy did we laugh. Well, as it turned out, it was the best ‘mistake’ we could have made. Everything we were looking for and needing, we found on Ios, so we stayed! We fell in love with beautiful, friendly Ios and we would go back again in a heartbeat.”

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