Eoin’s travelling to Ios guide
Name: Eoin
Nationality: Scottish

Life on the Rock!

As soon as I got off the ferry to Ios I knew that I was going to love this place.

We got to Ios Greece around about 4pm well rested from two nights in Santorini and we were ready to party.

We had never really heard anything about Ios other than its reputation as “the party island” and of the famous Ios nightlife from a few mates that were out for a few weeks in 2012. So with a few scribbles of notes on one or two bars and clubs we were pretty clueless on what Ios Greece was all about.

We headed to The Fun Pub on the main road as it was first on our list and landed pretty much on our feet…the place was packed with tour groups and had a ratio or of about 3 girls for every guy, so myself and the boys entered the Killer Pool competition. We ended up winning about €50 so headed up to the bar. I saw a sign that said “Buy 7 shots and get a free T-shirt”, so we bought a couple of rounds of shots for everyone to celebrate our win, and put on our t-shirts.

After washing down the shots we headed up to the village and stopped at Astra Bar. Chilled there for a while and had a few fruity cocktails and headed on up to the village on a bit of a pub crawl…Coo, Flames, Shooters, Slammer. Several rounds of shots and t-shirts later, and we were ready for Sweet Irish Dream which was great CRAIC! It’s the main night club on the Island and the place to be. Most of the rest of the night is a bit of a blur but it was a brilliant night.

Woke up around 1pm the next day and headed for the main beach on Ios, Mylopotas.
Soaked up the rays, and then grabbed some lunch in Salt and started with a few early-afternoon beers to get us in the mood for another mad night ahead!!!

I would recommend going to Ios for everyone, it’s much more than a party Island. The Nightlife, beaches and the island as a whole is just fantastic. We’ll be back.

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