Suso’s Ios Travel Guide

Nationality: Spanish

I found out about Ios on my 3rd visit to Greece after visiting 12 islands around Greece and definitely I found my place.

Ios Greece has something special that I don´t know how to describe it exactly but it´s there. The picturesque sightseeing, the people (especially locals, foreign workers and most of the tourists too), the atmosphere, the sunrises, the sunlight, the sunsets, the Ios beaches in general and the lonely beaches (even in peak season) in particular, the tasty Greek food in the Ios restaurants, the amazing nightlife, the historic places of the ancient Greece, the small villages, the Cycladic architecture, the mountains, the cliffs, etc.

The summation of all the things I wrote above makes Ios (at least for me) the PERFECT place to enjoy my holidays. For those who have never been to Ios perhaps you would have heard about Ios as the party-island and just for people in their 20s. It is, but not exclusively. Ios has many more things to do apart from the party side of the island (check it for yourselves).

You can travel and enjoy Ios if you travel alone, if you travel with your girlfriend or wife, if you travel with your family (kids included) or if you travel to Ios with your friends. I´m 37 years old and I will come back there for the fourth time next year!

Greetings and enjoy Ios!



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